Mission: Outpost


Outpost [noun]:
A small military camp that is an extension of the main base. Its purpose is to establish a strategic position in order to protect, secure and advance the greater overall mission of a sovereign body.

Our prayer and desire is to be an “Outpost” for Christ’s Kingdom in Northwest Detroit. Pushing back darkness and advancing the mission of the Gospel. 

Outlining the Mission

Over the next 3 years our goal is to raise $225,000 to put towards new and augmented ministry efforts as well as stabilizing ourselves in our Kingdom outpost of Northwest Detroit.

3 Main Objectives:
        1) Establish the Cornerstone Cares Nonprofit
        2) Enhance Ministry Training Programs (Residencies & Internships)
        3) Financial Stability

Read more about Cornerstone Church - Detroit, our journey, and the goals of Mission: Outpost below.

Evidence of Grace

"Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms." ~ 1 Peter 4:10

Since launching publicly on October 16, 2016, the clear and evident grace of God on Cornerstone Church-Detroit has often been overwhelming. Time and time again, through providence and provision, The Lord has confirmed His presence with us.

By God’s grace it seems just as we were merely dreaming in our living room of one day planting a church, God swiftly transformed our hearts’ burden into a diverse, Christ centered, discipleship focused, church-planting family. One whose impact is rippling through our city and beyond!

In the last 6+ years of ministry, we have witnessed God's amazing grace in numerous ways. We have observed the transformation of dozens of individuals who have embraced their faith, and we have been honored to baptize many of them. Additionally, we have cultivated a robust culture within our church that emphasizes discipleship, membership, missions, and evangelism.

We have planted deep roots in Northwest Detroit. Since our beginning, we have partnered with a number of local schools, The City of Detroit, other churches and orchestrated many service projects and mission trips.

Whether in 2016, before our public launch, we commercially cleared, boarded up and secured 13 abandoned homes in our community with the assistance of several partnering churches through the Project Nehemiah initiative. To this summer of 2023, where we are leading a collection of churches in our Serve Saturday day of service, supporting three local schools we partner with; taking on clean-up, painting, landscaping and more. Over the years we have consistently executed projects like these, large and small, year in and year out. 

In April 2020, while witnessing the ravaging impact COVID-19 was having on our city we set out to bless those who had been hit hardest. We began our Cornerstone Cares program, offering prayer, counseling and financial support to residents of Metro Detroit. Through May 2021 we we're able to raise over $40K specifically for this effort. By July of 2022 we had stewarded these resources towards the support of close to 50 families and individuals, overwhelmingly women with children (~85%).

These were families and households struggling with everything from temporary yet significant setbacks to tragedy and grief. The funds were targeted toward alleviating issues with employment, housing and homelessness, medical expenses, utilities, educational expenses, transportation and food insecurity.

This is a program we are seeking to continue and grow. We explain more about that vision in the 3 Main Objectives section below. 

From the very beginning we have had a vision to plant other churches and saw this come to fruition within our first two years and we continue to be a hub for urban church planting through Church in Hard Places.

In 2018, our first Church Planting Resident, Drew Ansley, and his family were sent out to plant Refuge Church in Southwest Detroit.

In 2020, we formally began our Pastoral Pathway Residency, commissioning four men into a discipling relationship with our church with the aim of seeing them enter pastoral ministry. We've already had one resident, Joshua Manning, begin the process of planting Patmos Church, in Cleveland, OH.

Our Goal

Our goal is to be an Outpost for Christ’s Kingdom in Northwest Detroit; securing, protecting and advancing the Lord's mission.

Over the next 3 years we are seeking to raise $225,000 to put towards new and augmented ministry efforts as well as stabilizing ourselves in our Kingdom outpost of Northwest Detroit.


Year 1


Year 2


Year 3

3 Main Objectives

1) Cornerstone Cares Nonprofit

        When we planted Cornerstone on Detroit’s Westside in 2016, one of our core values was “serving of community.” The very first thing we did in 2016, before any worship gatherings, was to connect with the local charter school to see how we might serve them. We are now the official faith-based partner for 3 local schools, with unofficial relationships of service with a number of others. And, we have served our home community of Northwest Detroit in a myriad of additional ways. From boarding up dangerous abandon buildings, to block clean-ups, opening up our worship space for community usage, donating clothes and appliances, hosting our yearly Christmas store, performing weddings and funerals at no cost, and dispersing tens-of-thousands in benevolence funds. As an Outpost for the Kingdom of Christ, Cornerstone Church - Detroit has faithfully invested in the flourishing of countless image bearers.

        In 2020, as the world was unimaginably impacted by COVID-19, and unfortunately, our city, Detroit, was hit especially hard. Our church felt compelled to serve those  in our community who had been critically distressed. By God’s Grace and the compassion of many donors, we were able to raise over $40,000 to serve families and individuals in need. 48 families/individuals in Metro Detroit who lost jobs, experienced health challenges, death and more due to this devastating pandemic, were able to receive personal prayer, pastoral counsel, and financial support through our Cornerstone Cares initiative. Having seen the serious need for, and grace filled benefit of this work, we now feel called to establish a separate non-profit entity, named after this initiative, to maximize our ability to serve in these ways.

        Cornerstone Cares will be a non-profit organization devoted to investing in the comprehensive human flourishing of residents in Northwest Detroit. Our mission is to support individuals and families to lead fulfilling lives in a thriving community. We will accomplish our mission by focusing on 4 core values:

1. Emotional Health:
We believe that well-being includes the spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional wellness of an individual. Our goal is to provide emotional support and resources to empower individuals and families to heal from trauma and to take control of their mental health through low-cost emotional and mental health services (workshops and counseling).

2. Economic Empowerment:
We believe that building economic independence and self-sufficiency is essential to a flourishing community. Cornerstone Cares will provide resources for financial literacy, job training, and job placement to empower individuals and local families to achieve economic stability.

3. Educational Advancement:
We believe that education can open various doors and creates opportunities. Cornerstone Cares will focus on providing academic support, resources, and manpower for our local schools in Northwest Detroit.

4. Environmental Restoration:
We believe that environmental beautification fosters community pride and contributes to a greater sense of well-being. Our programs focus on revitalizing public spaces, promoting green initiatives, and creating opportunities for community gardening and neighborhood beautification projects.

With Cornerstone Cares we will work collaboratively with community organizations and other churches to identify needs and develop innovative approaches to helping people navigate life’s challenges. We are committed to promoting justice and equity, in order to create a community where everyone has the opportunity to flourish. Join us in our mission to invest in the comprehensive human flourishing of residents in Northwest Detroit through this new initiative.

2) Enhanced Ministry Training

         Our desire from day 1 was for church planting, multiplication, leadership development, and missions to be laced in Cornerstone's DNA. Just two years after our public launch, we had already hosted our first pastoral resident, Drew Ansley, who planted Refuge Detroit in Southwest Detroit. We had the privilege of having Pastor Drew, his amazing family, and their growing core team with Cornerstone for two years, as we provided them with counseling, coaching, and financial support. Refuge Detroit is now actively making disciples in Southwest Detroit and meeting publicly. Despite Refuge launching their church in 2018, we still have an extremely strong and connected relationship with them, we meet regularly, and our churches worship several times a year together.

        In January 2020, we officially welcomed 3 pastoral residents. By His Grace, God has blessed us with the privilege and joy of discipling, training, and preparing these men for pastoral ministry and preparing their families as well. By His Grace, two of these men will be ordained as elders at Cornerstone and the third is in the process of planting a church in Cleveland, OH. 

      Our desire is to further develop our capacity for ministry training. To do so, in addition to our pastoral residency, we have created an urban ministry internship, designed for men or women who feel called to serve in the inner city. With our residency and internship program, our mission is to provide gospel-centered, real-time, flexible, and contextual leadership development. But, to continue to see fruit and plant more seeds, we will need additional financial support. 

3) Financial Stability

        Lastly, we are continuing to raise financial support to solidify our ministry here in Detroit, MI. Our desire is to potentially add a part-time administrator for our church, and staff for Cornerstone Cares. Also, we desire to give pay increases to other part-time staff members, who have served tirelessly the last few years at the same salary. The reality is, our church, like a great number of churches worldwide, has been negatively affected financially by the economic downturn caused by the pandemic. Unfortunately, our expenses have increased drastically since moving into our most recent space in 2021. It is also our desire to eventually purchase our own facility in NW Detroit. With additional cash flow, we could secure staffing needs, continue to cover seminary costs for pastoral residents, and replenish our savings toward a long-term building purchase; all while continuing to do the impactful ministry work we have always done. 

Cornerstone Church - Detroit
Member Testimonies

“We love Cornerstone Church - Detroit because we know that when we invite our neighbors to attend church they’ll not only hear The Gospel clearly and be challenged to consider accepting Christ, but they’ll see The Gospel lived out among the church body.”

~ The Bakers
(Jake, Katie, Claire, Lois, Joshua & Caleb)

"Cornerstone is a church that sits in the middle of Detroit, yet represents what Heaven looks like. Diversity! Pastor Tyler preaches the unadulterated truth and intentionally seeks to impact the hearts of the people. One word to describe it, Family."

~ Ellyse Henderson

"I love attending Cornerstone Church because I feel loved and respected and the presence of the Holy Spirit. I have been blessed at my church because I found Jesus, got saved and now I'm living everyday to be the best Christian I can be. Cornerstone Church is incredibly fruitful. Being in a family that abounds in new believers is not only exciting, it's stimulating. Lastly, Cornerstone Church is diverse. The body of Christ in heaven is made up of every ethnic group. The church on earth ought to be like that too." 

~ Daniel Maniece

"I love that Cornerstone has committed & already put in practice the service to our local community. The members here have welcomed me & are truly intentional with building relationships & sharing our lives. Genuine authentic friendships form & the Gospel is consistently preached & lived out by the leadership."

~ The Wilsons
(Tim, Mika, Katelynn & Joshua)

"We love Cornerstone Church because it feels like family. We cherish the openness of those who attend, with sharing their faith and struggles therein. It makes the community feel like God's. We love that the church is committed to teaching The Gospel and discipling each of us, the commitment that the church has made to the neighborhood, and that there are donuts every Sunday!”

~ The Streeters
(Stephen, Tanisha and Luka)

"Cornerstone has been a community for me! From the moment I walked in. I was greeted by Jake which then led to me being greeted by so many others. These people eventually became my family. Cornerstone is a bible believing church which has helped me become more theologically sound. I appreciate all that my church does, not only inside the church but in the community as well. I couldn’t have made a better decision when choosing my church family! Thank you Cornerstone!"

~ Kimatha Spratling

"Our family loves Cornerstone Church because of the concise deliverance of God's Word. Additionally, Cornerstone has a welcoming environment that is conducive to developing meaningful relationships."

~ The Johnsons
(Terrence, Shayla and Olivia)


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